Botswana: Matshediso Ramhikela-Poultry

Date: August 3, 2018
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I am a divorced lady of 46 years from Moshupa village in the Southern part of Botswana. I used to run my poultry business when I was still married however, my ex husband would assault me every time I have conversations with my male clients. He believed that the men were proposing me, the business collapsed thereafter and I had to start working piece job to finance my business.

The money that I made through the piece jobs enabled me to revive my poultry business. In 2015, I had my first encounter with Gender  and enrolled in their phase I to phase III training in Later, GL also trained me on entrepreneurship which capacitated me on running and managing a business, marketing, and financial management which include keeping up to date balance sheet to highlight whether I am making a profit or a loss. GL also provided me with physiological support.

My business grew after the GL capacity building, I used to accommodate 100 chicks per month, but now the number has increased to 150. I thank Gender Links for nurturing the entrepreneurship spirit in me. My business is making profit and I am able to sustain my family and to be self-reliant.She makes a profit of P2400 per month and she uses word of mouth to advertise her business as she is not good with technology. I am now able to make contingency plans for my business for example I bought a big water tank for my business, so that I can provide the poultry with water when there is water shortage.  I managed to build myself a house and I can now pay my children school fees, buy my children’s clothes and sustain my family. I have insured me and my family

My self-esteem and confidence has improved as can I now freely interact with people a thing I could not do during my marriage times. I am a well-respected person in my community as they view me as a courageous person. I also give advice for other women who are experiencing the same gender based violence that I used to experience.