Botswana: Neo Ngakane

Botswana: Neo Ngakane

Date: April 12, 2016
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I met with Gender Links in 2013 when we were invited to a Gender Based Violence workshop and how to improve our lives especially we women as we are the once facing the hardship in regard to economy. I attended all three sessions, and realized that they are very important. But the one I liked most was that saying we must not undermine ourselves in life, be bold and say I am going to do this and I am going to achieve what I want.

The challenge I had was my sickness which nearly disturbed me from my learning, but Gender Links encouraged me to learn tailoring. The other challenge is that I asked Council to help me in my area, we are now help in groups of threes, and again we will be helped after examinations which also takes a time to take place. I do not have electricity at my home and it will make my project difficult to function as the machines are using electricity. Again I cannot register my company before I have been given the go ahead by the responsible people,

I was staying the father of my child, who was abusing me together with his relative. I eventually left him and went back home. Since then my life has improved tremendously as I have learned to stand on my own feet. While I was with him he was preventing me to doing some things that will improve my life. Unfortunately he passed away, and now his relatives respect me as they see that I have a bright future. I have learned that if you do not degrade yourself you won’t be involved abuse.

My relatives and friends now respect me, they come to me for help and suggestions as they are now realizing my advances. I also inform them about the danger of gender based violence. I have learnt a lot of things. My goal is to teach others and to encourage them. I am intending to open my own business i do not want to work for another person or company.  My dream is that by 2030 my business would have grown and be on my own feet. I also want to see myself taking part in the economy of my country. I want to participate in my countries vision 2016. I also want to help two or three unfortunate people. I will choose some orphan children and buy them school uniform, or help an elderly person by buying food for him or her, or even build him or her a house. In that I will be also be blessed.