Botswana: Siphiwe Mushabi

Date: September 25, 2018
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It was in 2014 when I first met Gender Links employees and I knew absolutely nothing about business. Eventually I was able to make records. I remember that my problem was not being able to write proper Setswana but now I am much better. I learned how to run a business and how to show respect especially towards customers.

There has been a change in my life because now I know the importance of saving money at the bank. With the help of trainings by Gender Links, I now know how much money is coming and going out of my business. I know how to make records of all business activities so that I can tell if my business is not doing well.

Currently I am running a beadwork business in Jwaneng and I am financially much better off than I was when I last met Gender Links. Also, I have not experienced any abuse since meeting Gender Links.

At Gender Links I have been greatly helped by Gomolemo and Keletso; Keletso was very patient with me. They both encouraged me to continue working on my business and not to give up. They reminded me of the importance of keeping accurate records. Apart from the two ladies, I was also helped by social workers in my home village of Jwaneng and my family who helped with money when I needed it.

The changes in my life have been well received by my family. I am now able to take my children to school and buy them school uniforms. My family is very happy and they wanted to know how I made the change to get me to this point. The challenges I came across were that I did not know how save money at the bank and had low funds. I have been able to sell my beads to people around town and also advertise my business using business cards. This has improved my business.

In the future I would love to see a growth in my business; selling my products in stores instead of selling outside on the streets. I am very grateful to Gender Links fo what they have taught me.