Botswana: Sylvia G Monthe- Beads

Date: August 3, 2018
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My life has changed because the little money I make now, I use wisely to improve my life

I started my training in 2013 where I completed all the modules in the course. I learnt how a business is operated, how to record transactions and how to properly use money as well as how to take care of the business. There was also the course on the market research, which was informative on the proper ways to grow my business, it indicated the innovative ways I may experiment to expand my horizons such as recycling paper for my artifacts. The training came at the rite time as I was at a point of giving up on my life, I was emotionally abused by my child however all is well now as the social worker have managed to talk and rehabilitate  my child.

I make jewellery including some made of recycled paper and some made of gems. The Jwaneng Town Council has assisted me in getting the tools that I require to make my jewellery such as threads, fish lines and beads.In the course of the project, she encountered some challenges such as financial constraints and access to infrastructure. However, other activities were not a challenge which includes applying information you learned, finding markets and keeping records of the income and expenditure. Sylvia is able to use a computer and had an email address. Since she does not have a computer at home, she is unable to use Facebook or twitter account to market her products. But she uses the word of mouth to market her beads.

Sylivia engages in communication through SMS and calls. She saves her profit at Botswana Post every month so that I future this savings will help grow her business. She keeps a simple business bookkeeping where she records her expense and income monthly. Sylvia makes a profit of P150 per month. The main challenge I came across was a shortage of money. To overcome this challenge I decided to boost my business to increase the money coming in. With this I have seen an improvement in my finances as I am currently financially much better off than I was when I last met Gender Links. I own a bead working business in Jwaneng which is improving gradually. I have not experienced any abuse since coming together with Gender Links.

In the future I would love to see a great improvement in my life with the addition of my own house that is one of a kind. Lastly, I would love to thank Gender Links for giving us light.