Botswana: Thato Simon-Butcher and Restaurant

Date: August 2, 2018
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You will change your life until you change something you do

I started the programme with Gender Links in 2013 when I was in the midst of abuse and unemployment with no source of income. My husband was physical abusing me. I then decided to continue training so that I can learn how to do a business plan.

Thato runs a year old butchery and takeaway business in Mochudi, Mapotsane ward. The name of the business is Imone Holdings and various cuts of beef and an array of savoury dishes are sold to a diverse clientele, which includes local individuals, government workers as well as street vendors.  The business has experienced a steady growth in the customer base since the introduction of marketing in the form of business cards and fliers. There is a vast competition in Mochudi and surrounding areas hence the need for cleanliness and great customer service to surpass the competition.  The business currently employes one employee, who is well vested in the culture of great customer service.

The Butcher business has transformed and impacted Thato’s life because she was able to initiate the business due to the training. She managed to migrate to a new area because of the project, adding new products, hiring more staff, finding new markets, purchasing new markets, with the exception of increasing the working space. She was able to feed her kids and even bought herself a car. She has now added the restaurant to the butcher business.

Thato did not experience any challenges in access to to finance, infrastructure such as buildings, applying the information she learned, finding markets and keeping records of the income expenditure. Thato had adequate funds for capital and the management of the business. She used the youth grand to start her business from Ministry of Youth.

She attained a lot of information after the training because she was able to buy a computer in order to  keep computerized detailed records of sales and stock. She has the ability to surf the internet, And she now has email address and facebook account.

Thato  communicate with the clients through Text messages and Whats App in terms of updating them about the available meat, food and job opportunities. She also uses internet to do Banking and money transfers for her business. In the next 6 months, the business is expected to raise its sales to P 756000 and incur increased expenses amounting to P 141800 hence a profit margin of P 614200. Additional business will come in the form of expansion to surrounding areas. The introduction of the restaurant onto what was initially just the butcher came as a result of the growth in the customer base and a high retention.

Thato won the 2018 Emerging Entreprenership Category SADC Protocol Summit Awards

After this entire journey with GL, I have since done a commendable job with my business and as we speak, I am now aspiring business woman with a registered company. The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture has helped me with funds to start up my butchery. It was not an easy process but I have achieved my goal. On the other hand our lives have changed ever since we met GL hence we no longer live in abusive relationships. I thank GL staff for the support they have given us ever since we met them. I will forever cherish the knowledge they have imparted to us and they will always be close to my heart. I also extended my warm gratitude to my family for all the support they have given me. They have never turned their backs on me during my struggle especially my siblings. I wish I could celebrate my success and show the world how GL has helped.