Botswana: Tiny Doreen Seatle-Tailor

Date: August 3, 2018
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My name is Tiny Doreen Seatle 57 year old woman from Moroka village in the North East of Botswana. I have been living in an abusive marriage for the last 37 years; my husband physically abused children, my grandchildren and me. A collaboration of the North East District Council and Gender Links made it possible for me to be given physiological support and capacitated me to stand up against the abuse in my home. I was part of Entrepreneurship training where I learnt skills on how to run a business and decided to improve my business.

Tiny owns a business called Taddy Dose. I ventured into a dressmaking business which is at an infant stage as people bring raw materials to me to produce an attire of their choice and I charge them for labour. My business also includes fixing clothes per the client’s specification.She makes and sells clothes of different designs including uniforms for schools cooperate, wedding dresses, sheets, t-shirts and hats. It started   operating in 2012 from her home. Tiny makes a profit of P1100 monthly and she uses simple accounting methods to record all her expenses, stock and income. She intends on  sells material to her customers.

Tiny started sewing in 2009 and after Gender Links training, she decided to invest in her business. She added some new products like comforters and even hired new part time staff. She has bought new machines to add to the old one she had and saving to buy a place for her business.

It was very difficult for her to get funding for her business. After training, she decided to save profit for her business start buying what is needed.  She also had challenges in finding markets and keeping records for the business.

She will market her business through Text messages. She preferred to use text messages because it reaches a wide range of people. Tiny intends on participating on competitions to upgrade herself and learn other skills from other tailors. In addition, she wants to move her business from her home to find a space where customers will reach her and have enough space to do her work.

The training and the counseling brought hope to my life and changed my perspective on life. I am forever grateful to Gender Links for imparting a change in my life. I have been revived and empowered to fight whatever challenges life brings to me. Gomolemo Rasesigo shred light to me not to see violence as a way of life, even though I am still living in an abusive marriage I continue to speak up against gender based violence. I learnt that I can seek official intervention with the office of the District Commissioner, Gender Affairs and the village leadership to call my husband to order.