Botswana: Tshepiso Bareng-Salon

Date: August 6, 2018
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Abused by my Boyfriend

Tshepiso was abused by her child’s father who left her while she was pregnant and soon as she gave birth, he came back, he asked for forgiveness and they lived happily for a few months. He went back to his old ways and did not support their child. Tshepiso went to the magistrate and reported him for neglecting his child and he supported their child for only a year. She has decided to ignore him and raise their child by herself with the money she get from her small business. Her family has accepted that she is a single mother and are very encouraging.

Tshepiso commenced the business of running a hair salon, and because of the project she has managed to expand her business. She also migrated to a new area where she could easily find customers.

She also added some new products and was able to find new markets.  Additionally, she did not hire more staff because she is not able to afford to pay anyone yet and she works alone. She has not managed to buy big items but hopes that as she makes profit she will be able to. She is yet to open a business bank account in the meantime she was using a personal account.

In the course of the project, Tshepiso experienced some challenges in terms of finance because she had to purchase equipment for her saloon. She has not been funded by any entity. Tshepiso  had a challenge in access to infrastructure such as buildings and finding markets. In regards to application of information she learned and keeping the records of her income and expenditure, she is finding it easy to apply.

After the project, Tshepiso was capable to use a computer and she managed to open an email address and a Facebook account, which she uses to show potential clients her work. She is able to use the internet and browse if she needs information.  The other activities are not indicated as shown on the table above.

Tshepiso was proficient to communicate with the potential employees via Text messages and Whats App. She has both facebook and whats App account groups in which she advertise her different hairstyles which she offers at a cheaper level.