Botswana: Tshepiso J.Bareng

Botswana: Tshepiso J.Bareng

Date: April 13, 2016
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When I started the programme I was in a bittersweet situation. We were from different backgrounds and different personalities but we were brought together by abuse. We were all sharing our experiences and it was a very emotional time. This helped us to have hoped knowing we not the only people who have experienced abuse. This experience taught me that one has to be patient, strong and always have a high self-esteem so that they may prevent abuse. I also learned about the places that offer help to people who have been abused.

I started the programme in 2013 and was able to attend all the workshop trainings; they were all as equally important and very informative. Before the programmes I was unemployed and just stayed home, now I am a hair dresser. Although I may not make much income it is enough to support me and my family with all the necessities we need on a daily basis. I can even save up money for rainy days. This is all because of the programme and for that I am thankful. The council has assisted me with salon equipment; I have been working for the Tirelo Sechaba. The salary I got from Tirelo Sechaba has enabled me to buy products for my salon.

I was abused by my child’s father who left me while I was pregnant and soon as I gave birth he came back, he asked for forgiveness and we lived happily for a few months. He went back to his old ways and did not support our child, I went to the magistrate to report him and he indeed supported our child but it only lasted a year. I have ever since ignored him and I raise my child by myself with the money I get from hairdressing. My family has accepted me as a single mother and are very encouraging. I believe that one day my business will be successful and I will have a proper place to work.

I urge people not to let abuse control their lives, they should know there is life after abuse. They should by all means try stop abuse because to every problem I believe there is a solution. I am now respected in my society because of my perseverance; although it had been difficult I already have a business which has an account of its own so I save up all the excess money I make. This was taught to me at the workshopsas well as book keeping to keep all records of the cash flow in the business. By 2030 I hope to have hired more employees and also to franchise my salon.