Botswana:Neo Ngakane-Tailor

Date: August 3, 2018
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Neo stated having interest in opening her business after she had Gender Links Entrepreurship training. She then went for a short course to learn how to design and make clothes. Neo s business was registered in 15 Dec 2016 and it is called Shine High Tailoring. Neo design all kinds of clothing including bags, sheets, house decors and beddings. She opened this business to be financially stable and be able to support her family.

Neo was in relationship with a man who used to hit her, as he was the one financially supporting her and preventing her from doing any work. She decided to end the relationship and move on with her life. She started this business so that she stops looking for support from men.

She received help from the Lobatse Council by buying her sewing machine and material as start up for her business. She started buy just sewing simple clothes like skirts and dresses now she has grown and designing bedding covers. She makes a profit of P2500 monthly which she saves on her Botswana Post account for the business.

Neo did not face any challenge in the course of the tailoring project. Everything seems to flow in positive way. She keeps a simple financial record to trace all her expenses and income. She writes in book and have a receipts book to track her income. After the project, Neo was able to use the computer and she was able to create   an email address to respond to feedback from her clients. Currently she does not have a Facebook or twitter account.

Neo engaged with existing and potential clients through whats App and not via SMS. She preferred whats App because she could show her clients pictures of her samples. Also, Neo had internet searches but she did not have banking and money transfers. She intends on creating cell phone banking to make it easier for herself and to make it easier for customers to pay her.