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Date: April 4, 2016
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To get more knowledge

My name is Shali, I was born on 1 January 1968 at Onambome  village, I am blessed with five children, because of difficult situation that I was facing ,I decided to come to Ongwediva so that I can get some money to feed my children. I started selling airtime recharge, eggs sweets and the like, in the afternoon because during morning time I have other responsibility of policing our community from criminals. In 2014 I received a message from the Ministry of Gender in Oshakati, that any women suffering from gender base violence should register her name to start training; this training empowered gender base violence survivors and entrepreneurship, so I really thank Gender link. On 06 July 2014 was told that on 10 July 2015, there will be training at women centre. Gender link taught us the causes of gender base violence and how to prevent gender base violence so that you might not experience it. Gender Link encourage us to start our business in order to start selling our product, this will help us to avoid many problem. If women start doing some thing, more men will respect them and stop insulting them.

At the workshop I was taught how to get financial assistance from the bank, how to make a business plan without a business plan you will not succeed. I am selling more products and make more profit then before I got training. I am facing a challenge as I have no plot. I want a place where can I start selling my products. Another challenge is electricity like now when you are selling cool drinks you needs to put them in the refrigerator because it is very hot. I learnt a lot from Gender link workshop, before training I used to be afraid of my husband. He did not respect me as human being and saw me as a useless person. Now he has changed his not as jealous as he used to be in the past, if he found me talking with men at certain place, he always showing them that I am his wife. When I started selling I knew what was needed in the business during summer and winter for example I will not sell product that get rotten easily. I want to learn how to use a computer and get more knowledge. This training has been really helpful, my business grow unlike in the past, now I am able to pay school fees. Before training I use to be ashamed of selling products on the street and calling my customers to come buy my product.

The reaming challenges is access to finance, so that I can finance my business for better, I also need a place where I can start selling product, because where I am selling my product it is not a conducive environment for them. I appeal to the local authority to give us more land for our businesses.