Dineo Mokwele

Dineo Mokwele

Date: April 2, 2016
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I am a 42 year old woman from Bobirwa Sub District council. I am a mother of four two boys and two girls. I met Gender Links in 2014 and the highlight of the trainings for me was when I realised that all that Gender Links was trying to do was to encourage us and stop looking down upon ourselves and know that like every Motswana I have a right to go to various offices and ask for assistance. I feel like a new person since I learnt about starting up my own business.

The 1st training basically taught us about Gender Based Violence, after the training we were informed that follow up training will be conducted in the future. I anxiously waited for the training and I made sure that I attended all the trainings. I enjoyed learning about starting up my own business and I was fascinated by the use of the computer. To me all the lessons offered were very important. I at times had problems understanding some English words as it was difficult to explain them in Setswana. The time for the lessons offered was too short.

I never even dream of having my own business but after the lessons I felt inspired and approach the council and ask for assistance. I want to start my own tuck-shop and I am currently employed under the drought relief program and I am saving money to help me start my business. I came to Gender Links after I suffered abuse from my husband who is late. I still felt the pain but after the workshop I felt much better. I now relate better with my children. I encourage women who have suffered abuse to seek help from various organisations.

I see a lot of change in my life. People look at me and wonder how I manage to sustain my family without begging from neighbours. I have spoken to many women in my area to stop waiting for someone to come and change their lives but should do it themselves. I hope that in a not so far time I will have started my business and grown it to a point that in 2030 I will be able to hire more people.