Donatilla Amwaalwa

Donatilla Amwaalwa

Date: April 5, 2016
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I have come a long way to be where I am today

My name is Donatilla Amwaalwa, I am 56 years of age from Omagalanga village. I started attending Gender Links entrepreneurship training on 07 July 2014 at Oshikuku; so far I didn’t miss any workshop following that. Before I started the training I was suffering, because I was not getting an income. In the past I couldn’t make decision in the house because my husband was always dominating me. He wasn’t respecting me because I was not earning an income. I was not happy because my husband forced me to accept decision that were not in my interest. He thought I was not mature enough to make right decision. After the training I started business and everything changed in the house, the workshop helped me get an income from my business. I make clothes for children and women, the business is really progressing well, even although I was facing challenges at the beginning. Initially I, did not have enough money to buy material for making clothes. Even though it was not easy at beginning, I try my best and work hard to be where I am today.

The Gender Links workshop really helped me, because my husband is no more treating me badly unlike in the past, he doesn’t get angry easily with me anymore. Now that I also bring food on table, he respects me unlike in the past. Now I can buy groceries for children and also pay school fees. My life really changed for better, I can see everything on the right track. It is very important for women to take care of the house and also buy anything that is needed in the house. It is also very necessary for women to always look for income earning projects and start selling product to help in the house, so that they will not be abused by men. During training I learnt a lot of skills on how to maintain peace with my husband and avoid conflict with him. People from my village are even shocked to see how I am maintaining a good relationship with my husband unlike in the past. Some even started to ask me how I am managing my husband to keep him happy. People are now asking more information about how to start small business enterprise (SME). I am someone who is always trying to succeed in doing good business. I think, I have came a long way to be where I am today.

In the future I am planning to start making jersey for cold weather because they are in demand. I am really thankful to the Gender Links workshop, because I valued it very much. It helped me to progress in life, now I am energetic, I can make my business work because I am empowered. Gender Links workshop continues for the betterment of the society.