Date: April 8, 2016
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I am grateful that Gender Links came all the way from Johannesburg to Phalaborwa to workshop us. I have learned a lot of things and I am applying everything in my way of living. I am now selling my goods at a profit and can save part of the money that I made and buy more stock with what is remaining. My life is good now.

I started attending these workshops in November 2014. I have attended all three workshops and  they were informative. By attending these workshops I was equipped with skills that I even apply in my business. I buy different goods in Johannesburg and sell them.  I buy polish and sell it at the workshops. I have learned to be a hard worker. I sell my goods for profit then save the it and use the remaining amount to buy more stock.

Previously my husband was abusing me but since I started attending the workshops he has stopped. I am now financially independent that is why he no longer abuses of me. I even managed to give my daughter money to go for driving lessons. Because of Gender Links, I am now independent.

My dream is to own a crèche. I am now planning to buy a place where the  crèche will operate from. In the year 2030 I would love to own a crèche and that will mostly take care of orphans. I appreciate the fact that Suzan was in Phalaborwa and she has taught us a lot of things like how to open or make sure that your business is successful.