Zimbabwe: Edwina Kapfundza

Zimbabwe: Edwina Kapfundza

Date: March 22, 2016
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Gender Links (GL) was an eye opener to me as l used to depend on my husband for survival. My council here in Goromonzi introduced me to GL and I joined the training in 2014. My name is Edwina Kapfudza and I spent most of my married life experiencing gender based violence. The abuse reduced my self-esteem to zero. I was very fortunate to be introduced to GL and started to learn new things.

I attended all the three courses which helped me to regain my self-esteem and my confidence. The training has taught me to be a hard worker which l am currently applying in my life and life has become very easy for me. GL taught me how to manage my business and how to save money through the use of banks. Through the knowledge l obtained from the trainings I am proud to write and let you know that l opened a bank account which is offering very good services to me all the time. I am enjoying the benefits of learning from GL. Before I opened the bank account I used to spend money randomly but now all my money is safe in my bank account.

I was into sewing and retailing business before l was introduced to GL. Due to the abuse from my husband I lost my sewing machine after he confiscated it. As if this was not enough he also sold our seven roomed house leaving me and the children homeless. After the training with GL on confidence and self-esteem I became a woman who believes in herself. I started a business of selling clothes. I got brand new clothes from town and sold them in my community in Goromonzi.

With the help and knowledge l got from the training, making good relations with my customers and business planning has helped me keep going. I used the marketing strategies I was taught and my business increased in capacity. I am now a proud mother who can take care of her family and provide for their needs.

My change has been a great achievement for me and my family. The entire family is now very supportive to the extent of giving me business orders. My children help me with ideas in my business which gives me joy and peace of mind all the time. In my community people were difficult to associate with because they were thinking that I will snatch their husbands from them. There is a belief in our culture whereby people look down upon you if you are not married and l would like to thank GL for making me believe in myself. Being a hard worker came with a price to me. The people around me can appreciate me because my ideas are useful to the community. People can now come to me for business ideas and advice. I managed to help my friend with some money to set up her new business.

In the future my plans include giving my children the best life through hard work. In 2030 l would be happy if l can manage to have my own house at the stand am currently residing at the moment. I also want to grow my business. I wish to get help from GL to stop my husband from selling my housing stand.