Date: April 6, 2016
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I received a call in 2013 informing me to come and attend the workshop, When I arrive I found Susan. She teaches us about starting small businesses for ourselves, like selling tomatoes house by house so that we can be able to support our self, so that we stop crying always and waits for someone to give us money.
When I received a call informing me that there is a workshop; I stopped everything to go and attend the workshops, because we were learning a lot of different things. We have learned about starting our own business, you have to write everything down when you go to buy. You need to know how much you are going to sell your thing and how much will be your commission and how much you are going to save. Out of all this I have learned that when I buy my stock I have to write everything down when I sell. I hanks that the workshops have help me a lot; I know that beat by beat I will get there.
When I started with the group I was sewing cloth, dresses and selling cold drinks. What I’m doing now out of what I have learned throughout the workshops is to control the money, because before I was just eating the money not even know how much was the profit and I was not saving any money. Gender Links people have helped me a lot and I wish for them not to get tired so that they can also help other people. I encourage other women who are just sitting and not doing anything for themselves.

I have learned a lot from Gender Links people, I have also learned about the life style at home and in the community. Even if people want to abuse me emotionally I no longer take it serious and I don’t keep it in my mind. I am now empowered because I’m able to support myself. I have come through a lot of different problems in my life because I was depending on someone else. The workshops have changed my life now I’m able to say if I don’t want something, because if you keep quit people take advantage of you.

Since I started with the workshop I have help a lot of people who are going through different problems. When people tell me their problems I’m able to help them by referring or give them advice. Thanks to Gender Links because now I’m ale to help other people. In the beginning I was thinking that taking someone to face the law if they are abusing you it destroy the family, but out of those workshops I have learned that it makes your life better and you will be free from abuse. It also helps you to be free from trauma. There is a Tshivenda saying that says “a Child who does not cry died in the abber’’.

Since 2013 t0 2015 I have learned a lot in the workshops, I have learned to have responsibility in everything, because everyone have to take care of their own life. It doesn’t matter what kind of jobs you are doing as long as you’re making money and be able to live. In 20130 I want to find myself far, and I don’t want to list to people who will discourage me. Thank you Gender Links for encouraging me.