Felicity Boitumelo Galebake

Felicity Boitumelo Galebake

Date: March 31, 2016
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I am a 33 year old woman from Bobonong and I attended my first ever workshop with Gender Links in 2014. It was during that I started understanding more about abuse and looking into my life and seeing how it had affected me. When we did tree of life with Gender Links I was able to relate the tree to my life of abuse. The lessons on abuse were really useful to me and managed to get me out of the abusive relationship.

After going through the abuse from my boyfriend I turned my focus to the entrepreneurship training that was given to us. I realised that these lessons were a passport to freedom. I attend phase 1, 2 and 3. I was also invited to take part in a local TV drama that was educating people on abuse which aired nationwide in Botswana Television. I have learnt that abuse is very bad and it can affect one negatively. I changed my life after attending Gender Links trainings.

I saw the social workers from council and those at hospital and they gave me counselling in relation to the abuse I was going through. I managed to find a job and I am supporting my children and my parents. I consider my role in the TV drama series Pelokgale (Brave heart) as my contribution to educating women of Botswana on abuse. I did have a small financial reward from the acting role and it went a long way in improving my life. I can see a change in my life as I am now employed and take active part in our wellness program where I teach my colleagues on abuse.

I want to work closely with the youth and start my own organisation that raises awareness on abuse. In 2030 I want to see the organisation reaching out to all Batswana. I encourage everyone to report when abused as that is the only way to fight abuse. The lessons I learnt will help me to run my organisation well.