Date: April 7, 2016
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The experience that I had with my brother in law was not something that that I asked for because I am also just a human being.

I went to sleep one night and he came into our room and crept up on me touched me. I was still young and I called out for my mother but he just kept standing there and came closer again and I called out to my mother again. That night I could not sleep because I was too scared. My sister slept by us for the weekend and when he felt that he wanted to touch me. She slept at the back of the house in a small room and he slept in the lounge on a couch and this is when he felt he had to touch me inappropriately but I was too alert for him and he must remember that I am not interested in married men and that I had a boyfriend. When I called out for my mother again she woke up and I started to cry. My mom went to call another woman and my boyfriend and she hit him and shouted at him but I did not want my boyfriend to hit him because I was not looking for trouble.

He never touched me again after that and although he never raped me he still touched me inappropriately but I forgave him and moved on. He still comes to our house but does not worry with me anymore. The other day I talked to him and everything came to an end. It will never happen to me again, I thank God for that! I started with Phase two (2) and have attended all three (3) courses. The most useful part of the training for me was to learn how to start a business and to get to know other people. I would really like to do all of the courses over and over again. My main challenges were to talk to people and have them listen to us but the advice we received was very useful and powerful.

Before I started with the training I was sitting at home and although I am still currently unemployed, I am waiting for some blessings. The training helped me to be more positive about where I am in my life today and unfortunately the council has not assisted me, only Gender Links (GL). Besides the help from GL it was helpful to speak to people and the support from GL helped us through difficult times. I was experiencing violence before but not anymore and the changes I have discovered about myself is that I am more powerful and stronger than ever, the struggling is over and I drew the lines. My family members are now over it and I am happy now, with God on my side no one can take control.

The changes in my life is influencing other lives in a very good way and they can now see that I am a different person and my community also sees me differently because now they stand up for me because I am a woman of strength and power. I am a calm person and take everything one day at a time. I am creating new knowledge by talking to people and standing up for myself and I have learned that you can talk to people and nobody is going to walk all over me. My future please are to be more powerful and to stop being afraid, to be brave and hold my head up high and by 2030 I would like to own my own house.

I am waiting on my blessings so that I can work and focus on my family, my husband, and my children. I am also happily married and have three (3) beautiful children and I thank God for them. I am just waiting for own house and will live happily ever afte