Francesca Ramdeal

Francesca Ramdeal

Date: March 30, 2016
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I joined the training in 2013 and I really appreciated how the meeting helped in enlarging my area of networking. The way other people do business interest me a lot. I loved how you people explained how to business I give up easily and I do another thing. Most memorable experience is when a certain woman explained her problem of domestic violence I realized that there are other men who are doing the worst of things and I felt grateful and blessed and lucky in a certain way to not going through such issue even though I have been a battered woman my problem is not as big as that woman’s.

I usually work on a contract basis as a sous chef in a small hotel. I can manage my business and employment simultaneously. When I have a contract I go to work and when my contract is over and I have some money, I buy materials and do some products for sale at the market.

Currently as I am not working, I am back to doing my decorative items. The training has helped me on how to get ideas and how to spot markets for my products. I have put together all the knowledge I have acquired since I was 14 and putting that into action. I even got help from my ex-boyfriend, he taught me how to do electrical works and that is very helpful when I do my chandeliers.

I used to bear violence from my partner and from my employees as well to the extent that I am categorised as a heart disease patient at the hospital. But I am motivated to learn and succeed in my life. I consider myself as being a woman of character. I have a lot of tolerance and I have the power to persevere during hard times. After the training I gained in more maturity and I emerged as a grown up person .My kids have always known me as a strong woman and they know that they have nothing to fear when I am around. I firmly believe that when a woman feels good about herself, she will spread positivity all around.

In the past I have been able to help some women with their problems. I guided them to places where they could get help and they succeeded. So from then, whenever someone has faced an issue with domestic violence in the area, they come to see me at my house. It’s like they have a focal person to whom they could share their problems. They know that they can trust me to help them find solace in their difficulty. While helping them I also learned that I should never give up. Furthermore this training has helped me to get back on my feet. I am so motivated now and I can clearly see my dreams coming true. I want to put my two ideas to work. I want to start a catering space where I could take orders and provide food for a big audience. In addition to that I want to keep on with my decoration business because I think and I believe that it is unique, not many people do this type of things. I want to contribute to the “Made in Moris” platform. If God wills, by 2030, I should be having my own car, my own house and my kids studying abroad.