Francinah Tharape

Francinah Tharape

Date: March 31, 2016
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In the lessons I attended I learnt about starting small business and how to grow the business to the level I want. I have knowledge on the importance of doing a business plan before starting the business. It was amazing to know that I need to be unique even if my business is similar it still has to be different.

I started attending Gender Links workshops in 2014 and attended all the trainings including the one on abuse. I found all the topics very important and I am inspired to start my business. The bit that I found complicated to do was the cash flow but I managed with the help of the facilitator. I had no business and never thought of having one, but now I have gone to the social workers to seek assistance in starting up my own business. I now eagerly wait for the outcomes of my assessment. In the meantime I have been selected to go for further business training courtesy of the council.

I had suffered abuse from my partner, I no longer experience abuse as I took the bold step and left the relationship. I am not involved with any man at the moment and this has made me realise that I can be independent. I help other people in my community who have suffered similar fate of abuse. My life has changed a lot and I am now a happier person and no longer look down upon myself. I am now able to work temporary jobs offered by Government. I freely associate with others. I realise that financial freedom can set anyone free and reduce abuse in one’s life.

I have now taken it upon myself to teach other women what I have learnt. Whenever there are gatherings I encourage them to be on the lookout for opportunities that may avail themselves such as what I got with GL. We have various organisations which people can be part of, they should not have low self-esteem or give up on life. I want to continue furthering my education and be specific to the business I want to start. By 2030 I want to be a business woman who will be recognised in my region. I want to employ many women.