Francoise Soucis

Francoise Soucis

Date: March 31, 2016
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My first encounter with Gender Links took place during the follow up sessions it organised in October 2015. I did not follow the training dispensed the previous years but I aspire to in the future. I just hope that the time and date of the training sessions do not clash with my appointments at the hospital because I am currently undergoing a dialysis treatment on a regular basis.

My cousin told me about Gender Links and the training sessions it offers. She has been telling me about what Gender Links is all about, in what different ways it set out to help people with their problems and projects and the various positive changes it could bring into my life for a quite a long moment now. One day before the follow up session, she called me up to inform me that the latter will be held in the morning at the district council of Savanne. She suggested that I attend the session and I told her that I will give it a serious thought since I had nothing planned on that day.

Actually I endeavoured to have a first contact with Gender Links as soon as possible because I have some projects germinating in my mind. I enjoy planting vegetables and I have a small piece of land for that. I usually do not cultivate crops with a view to do business. I use what I reap for my own consumption and that of my family. However sometimes friends and acquaintances ask me to give them some vegetables. When I meet them at the hospital or elsewhere I casually hand over the vegetables to them without any expectation of receiving money for that. But they do not take the vegetables as a gift, they buy them from me. So, I thought what a great idea it was to turn my hobby into a remunerating experience!

I found the follow up sessions very interesting because I thought that Gender Links could definitely help me do something out of this idea. I was reassured, happy and encouraged when I heard the different testimonials of the women present. Some of them had to face tremendous difficulties and in many cases did not have the support of the people around them. It feels great that Gender Links successfully helped to set up a business. I think I should give it a try too. I have to place on records that at first I had doubts about my ability to succeed in this project because I am a patient and will probably have to do dialysis all my life. But after I attended these sessions with these women I believe that I will definitely succeed! Actually I received more love and attention when people learned about my medical condition.

I have to say that my family is very supportive of me. Since I have had important health issues they take even more care of me than before. My husband is a nice man; he takes very good care of me and supports me in every situation. I am very lucky thanks to God. I am sure that my family will provide me with the necessary support in my endeavour to possess a little entrepreneurship business. They are happy with my initiative. I am a talkative person and get along with all kinds of people even though I am very straightforward.

When the doctor first told me that I will have to undergo dialysis treatment regularly I cried a lot. I was sad and discouraged. I thought that my life was over but then I got used to my special circumstances. And I am happy about my treatment because it relieves me. It enables me to have a stable health condition. I now do not wish to waste a single moment of my life and enjoys all of them. My dream is to progress in whatever I undertake for the sake of my husband, my children and myself. I want my children to be proud that their mother is a courageous woman despite being a patient.

After my encounter with Gender Links I believe that I have started to build up self-confidence and was very happy that all the women present treated me as an absolutely normal person. I forgot for some time that I am a kidney patient.