Gakemotho Basimolodi

Gakemotho Basimolodi

Date: April 11, 2016
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In 2013 I got into a journey with Gender Links, when I started attending the workshops I was an emotional wreck I felt the world is coming to an end. I felt worthless, the counseling sessions I got from Gender Links helped me realize that there is so much more that the world has got to offer and that I should preserver. I learned one needs to be patient to have a successful business.

I learned that to ensure business growth I need to keep records and receipts, use money for the betterment of the business and also save excess money for future use when rainy days come. I learned to monitor the profits coming my way, what interested me the most was learning how to use a computer. I learned how I can use technology to grow my business. All the lessons I learned have been very important to my business.

I had a business but it was not doing well, with what I learned from Gender Links I was able to use it to improve my business and of late it is recovering and now I know the proper ways to manage a business. I have started advocating for GL to my community as they realised my life has changed and I am no longer forever at the Police Station reporting cases like before. The police approached me following up the cases and noticed a difference in me including my appearance and I also informed them about Gender Links. I have also encouraged my children to use the opportunities they get to better their lives, I have taught them to recognise signs of abuse and taught them never to abuse anyone else as it may break their spirits.

I learned that any woman may start-up their own business and they do not require to have men to assist the as they may do such on their own. Like other women my intention is that I may one day my business would have expanded and I franchise it by the year 2030. Business start-up is easy as long as one possess the following humility, love, patience and charisma.