Geraldine Celest

Geraldine Celest

Date: March 31, 2016
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I joined the entrepreneurship training by Gender links in 2014. I attended all three phases. The training was thought-provoking. I now believe that I have the same abilities as a man. I am strong enough to perform any task. The moment I cherish in this training is when they taught me how to believe in myself. This has changed my life. Everything I learnt in the training was of great use to me. Most importantly I learnt to stand on my own. I learnt that as a woman I also have rights and worth in the society. Gender Links has helped me to build my confidence.

I already had my business before attending the training. I am a couturier. From this training I learnt how to manage my business properly. I can now prepare a detailed budget and keep financial records. I was very happy to sew clothes for my clients. My business was flourishing. However, due to market competition, my business has dropped. I am no more receiving the same profit. But I did not give up. I am still confident that it would work. I am doing my business on a part time basis and I have a taken up a job. I work in a kindergarten and I take care of children aged from two to three years old. I work only half day. I then have time to sew clothes. The training at Gender links has helped me to be where I am today.

I am a widow and I have two children. Earlier, I was facing verbal violence from my husband. Now I live happily with my parents and my children. I do not have any other partner. As my goal in life is to take care of my children and teach them to be responsible citizen. I want to save money so as I can pay for their studies. After the training, my parents and my surroundings were very much happy with me. As Earlier, I was introspective and detached from the world. Today, I have changed and I feel proud of myself. I communicate well with others and I get along with everyone I meet.

My children are grown up; my daughter is following courses at the university. If I did not experience the positive change in my life, my children would have been neglected. Today, I am independent and I can rely on myself to get things done. I can satisfy the needs of my children and this gives me great pleasure. I now have an optimistic outlook on life. My dream is to see the success of my children. I want them to have a good job and a happy life because my happiness lies in my children.