Gontle M.

Gontle M.

Date: March 31, 2016
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I heard about the workshop from a friend and because I was not doing anything I thought to pass time. But when I arrived there I noticed that they were talking about things that were affecting me personally. There I learned about the abuses, that not only that but more on the types and how you can be affected by abuse.

I had a low self-esteem due to so many things that I stayed at home without doing anything. The courses gave me confident to work on my self-esteem and be a strong woman. Today I can make decisions and stick with them without having doubt on the decision.

During training I learned that I should know the market gap and do a research. The courses gave me the ideas of having a bank account and how I can manage my money. The challenges I faced was that my product was from outside country therefore was difficult to get it in the right time.

Before the training i was dependent on my family but after going through the training there was a difference as I can pay school fees for my son and be able to give him all the support he needs. The courses have given me ideas about the market research and market gap which I apply on my business today. I want to see my business growing. In the near future I would like to have a chain of stores. I hope the government would look at customer’s fees that we pay at the boarders especially the Kasane boarders.