Anne Iyambo

Anne Iyambo

Date: April 5, 2016
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We understand each other better now…my husband and I

Namibia; Ongwediva Council, 10 April 2016: My name is Rinea 46 years old I was baptized in Onangalo village, Onkwaludhi and have three kids. I grew up with my grand mother, now I am staying in Ongwediva. On 10 July 2014 I took part in the entrepreneurship training with Gender Link. This workshop opened my life to find solution to challenges that I was facing. It taught me the importance of human rights. I didn’t know my rights before, now I am well equip because I know my rights and have choice. I attended a second workshop on 04 August 2014; I was trained on how to prepare a business plan and to have strong foundation for your business. These workshops really encourage me to continue doing business for my own survival. The training opened my eyes and have learnt keep my business in the right direction. I learned how to do financial budgets for my business. I learn how to control stock and save money in the bank, I also opened a business account, I also learnt how to budget and buy new stock. I learnt how to calculate I didn’t know how to calculate, the biggest saver was regardless of how little money one must just save as much as possible, because it will help you one day.

When I got the training I made a good progress, emotionally and relationally, me and my husband understand each other better now than before. I have become an independent business women ,which means I depend on myself, I don’t depend on my  husband. Nowadays, GBV is caused by dependence of women on men, when he is giving you everything you need, some time this can cause stress for him. I am well equip to stand on my own thanks to Gender Link training. I got enough information on how to run a business successful. Every day I have to make sure I sell some thing so that I can have bread for my children. I don’t depend on my husband anymore but myself, because I don’t want to suffer again. Gender Links workshop change my life for better because I don’t drink alcohol anymore. I change spiritual because I always go to church to prayer. In the past when I made profit, l spent it on alcohol. Now my life has changed for the better. Gender Links must continue to empowering women.

Now that I am doing my business and I am getting some income, my husband doesn’t beat me anymore. Before training he used to think I was stupid, I don’t do anything. In near future I am planning to have a big business, buy a car so that I can be able to transport my stock from supermarket to my premises. By vision 2030 I am hoping to have two big businesses so that I can employ others. I think if I work hard then everything will be easier for me. I am appealing to our council to help local entrepreneurs so the community can create more jobs.