Jane Moeketso Nyalungu

Jane Moeketso Nyalungu

Date: April 8, 2016
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From attending the the Gender Links programme I have learnt how to manage a business, even if I don’t have money to start a business. I have been happy attending the workshops and now could go to the bank and borrow money and form co-operatives with another women from what I have learnt. I was taught how to do a business plan, do a budget and to encourage other women.

I started with the project in November 2014 and have attended all three phases.  Currently I am managing my business and I am able to have my own income. I am selling clothes and I believe women should not sit around and do nothing. There are so much things that we could do for ourselves rather than waiting for men to help or bring food home.

Before the project I was doing nothing at home and now at least I sell clothes in my community. And yes I am where I am and doing what I am doing, because of the training.  The council has only helped me by introducing me to Gender Links. I have gained a lot from the project and I have shared what I have learnt with other ladies from my community.

I was experiencing violence in my house but now things are better than before. My husband’s attitude has changed as he is no longer abusing me. He is realising that I am a women of worth, who is able to speak to other women and to women who are in a similar situation I was in the past. Gender Links has helped me a lot.

I can now help other people with their business planning with the information I have gained. I would like to have a car so that I would be able to buy more stock for the business and keep learning more information on how to grow my business.