Jasmine Lamarque

Jasmine Lamarque

Date: March 31, 2016
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With the entrepreneurship training at gender links I became aware that I can make my life better. I need to fight with my difficulties and stand on my own. I followed this training in 2014, in which I attended all three phases. Everything in this training was useful. I learnt how to create a business, how to keep financial records and how to maintain it. My project is to open a sewing workshop for making doll and baby cloth. I have not yet started but I have the will power and the strength and will do it very soon.

Prior to the training at Gender Links, I had saved money from my previous job and bought an industrial sewing machine. My first creation was a wedding dress. I made a complete wedding dress for my sister-in-law. The dress was a success. Sewing was a pleasure for me. But after my marriage, my husband did not want me to achieve success in life. He was not violent; he did not beat me but tortured me emotionally. He made his own rules. He never gave me money to manage the kitchen. I once asked my husband to give me a space in the house to put my machine as I wanted to start my sewing workshop, he humiliated me and damaged my machine. He is jealous. He cannot tolerate my success and achievement. He does not make an effort to earn money. I have to starve myself all the day and have food only at night.

I am upset and disturbed with my condition. And I fell ill. In 2009, I was diagnosed with brain tumor and I had to undergo an operation. I am not yet well and the doctors have advised me not to work. I do not even receive social aides and thus become dependent on my relatives for a living. I usually go to my mother’s place to have some peace of mind. Despite being ill, my In-laws do not support me and humiliates me in all possible ways. I am grieved, that due to my health issues I have not yet started my sewing workshop. But the last training I attended from Gender Links gave me determination and motivation. When I heard the testimony of other women, I felt a ray of hope and firmly believe that I can do it and I will do it.

But now, thanks to the encouragement of Gender Links, I have got the courage to live again and stand on my own. I will repair my sewing Machine. I will set up my own space at home and start sewing again. My dream is to become a stylist, own my own house and a car. By God’s Grace I will fulfill all my dreams.