Date: March 31, 2016
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My experience at Gender Links was life changing. It was amazing. I have learnt various things. For example now I know how to make a business plan, how to start a business and how to improve it. I’m very grateful to Gender Links for the entrepreneurship training they offered me. I wanted to open up my beauty parlor. I got to know many people though Gender Links which was advantageous to me. I made many contacts.

I attended all three sessions in October 2014 which were very helpful. Moreover, the way they talked to me in the course, has inspired me a lot. I did not know lot about women’s rights. During the training I learnt that men and women are equal and have equal rights. We should be treated equally. No one has the right to insult or beat us.

I was unemployed when I went to the training. I took a course at SMEDA for six to seven months. I learned only the basic things about hairdressing. I was unable to start my business at the end of the course due to financial problems. The equipments are very expensive. Now I’m working in a hardware store to be able to save money. Moreover, for the time being, I’m taking another hairdressing course once a week in order to acquire more skills. I also went to the summit held in Quatres – Bornes where I met many people who assisted and guided me. It was very beneficial for me.

I’m married since seventeen years and I have a son. I was experiencing violence before from my husband. The latter kept on pressurising me because I did not have a job. He took a huge loan to the construction of our house, and now he has to pay it all by himself. Since I was unemployed, I became frustrated staying at home. My husband never stopped taunting me and we used to fight a lot. I even went to family support. That was where Gender Links got my number and called me for the workshop and training.

I’m not facing much violence now. He used to slap me before. But since I have got a job, his behavior has changed. I used to stress myself over family issues. Now I look after myself. I’m more logical and confident. Gender Links has helped me in various ways. My dream is to start up my business at home first, and then later on I will develop it. I want to be an independent, successful woman in the future and I’m sure I will be because I’m  very determined.