Jeany Lingervelder

Jeany Lingervelder

Date: April 7, 2016
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Story of a broken girl

I was eight (8) years old and my life was in complete shambles. My father was an alcohol and used dagga (smoked cannabis). He physically molested me and also always beat and screamed at my mother. Growing up as a child was not always very nice and my mother was always my father’s punching bag. I could not understand it and hated everyone until 2012 when my father decided to change.

My mom became ill soon after they divorced. Even today he still lives in my mother’s house and looks very well after her. This just showed me that everything happens for a reason.

At the age of 33 I went through a very traumatic period (experience). I lost almost everything including my self-confidence and respect for myself. But I decided that I needed to believe in myself otherwise no one else will.

Also about a month ago (August 2015) a dear friend that I knew for 16 years died. I questioned why it happened and I am still coming to terms with the loss but I also understand that many of our loved ones will also die.

I must say thank you to Alma and the entrepreneurs group. I joined the entrepreneurs group and today I am a better person. It changed my whole life and at the moment I am living with my grandmother. In the beginning I was scared to ask for help and this is a good start and I feel better.

So we all continue with our lives because everything happens for a reason. Luckily I have the best fiancé who stand with me through thick and thin. I thank the Lord and everyone who supports me. An encouragement to others would be to believe in yourself it is the most important thing that will carry you through. I have learnt that in life there are good and bad time and that I am not alone, there are people who believe in me.