Joelle Soupprayen

Joelle Soupprayen

Date: March 31, 2016
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My life has never been easy but I always tried to be happy no matter what the situation is. I had to sacrifice my happiness each time for others and this happened when I decided to set up my business. I wanted to breed chicken and sell eggs. There is indeed a large demand for this in my locality and I am sure that the business would have worked. However, I had to drop the idea of setting up my business because there was a need to build my house in concrete as we were living in a deplorable situation. I could not invest in business as a result of needing money for construction work. Hence, all the money that I saved when in the construction purpose.

I always had the passion for breeding chicken because my father used to do the same business and I desired to grow up and follow his steps. I cannot disregard the fact that Gender Links (GL) entrepreneurship course boost up my courage and I am more determined than ever to set up my business. I have had the opportunity to learn from others and share my experience during the course; seeing others flourish in the business always made be more determined to work hard and achieve my dreams. I plan to start the business early next year and I am actually seeking quotation for the requirements of the business so as to know how much capital I would need.

My life has generally improved after the training with GL and I am always so eager to attend any workshop by GL and staff. On a personal basis, I am more confident of myself and I am no longer afraid to come to for-front and talk. I am aware of my rights and I know that I should not be a victim of violence; that I should not let anyone belittle me and also that I should try to help those women victims of violence.

In addition to breeding chicken which formed part of my business plan I drafted at GL training, I also wanted to sell ‘rotis’ and Mauritian food since I love cooking and experimenting new dishes. But I am also aware that this field is very saturated in Mauritius and that I would not easily find market to sell my food. In fact, there are various people doing this business in my locality. I do not want to replicate something for I am sure the business will not be profitable. I have learnt from GL course that we need to identify a business which is scare and we are sure that we can earn out of it. This is the reason why breeding and selling chicken and eggs is my first plan for business.

I do not want to remain back at home doing nothing. I has been a long time since I stopped working and I do not want to sit idle at home. I plan to achieve as all my other friends in training are achieving. I want to learn and take lessons from them. Now that my house has been built, I will invest in my business and I hope that everything sorts out early next year and that I see myself as a successful women entrepreneur.