Julieta Nhaca

Date: March 22, 2016
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Bots.imagesMy name is Julieta Nhaca, I have 5 children: 3 boys and 2 girls, 2 of them are going to school.

I have a space where I sell vegetables.

I joined Gender Links when the programme started and the phases that I liked the most were the market search and savings and learned that you need to know how to save so you can see how much profit you are making. In the past I use to mix all the money now I know how to diversify. I learned that I can deposit my savings at the bank for the money to help me in case I get some challenges.

Regarding challenges especially in my business I don’t focus more on them I do an analysis of the type of challenges. When you are a widow you always get depressed and think that you useless. If this project didn’t come I do not know where I would be today, because I used to drink a lot. I did not know what to do with my life, I was desperate.

Before the project I use to sell tomato and onion, since the project arrived I was able to add products such as capulana, couve, salad and oil. I was able to join the council because I am a person that likes to interact with people so I became an activist. That is how I started working at the council and I also recommended other women in a total of 6 to get employed by the council.

In the past I wasn’t leaving in violence, my husband loved me. I was suffering because of life that is difficult, my husband was a good man and as I speak I do miss him this is another reason why I can’t find another men because I do fear violence and I believe that there are few men like my husband out there.

Besides the 6 women I mentioned, there are other people that I have helped them by advising them to have high self-esteem. I advise them to start a business so they can sustain their families and not use their bodies to make money. Now some of them have joined the business.

My future plans are to finish building my other house so i can rent it, because here in Bilene we have many people coming from far to rent and hire houses and I see that as a big opportunity of business.

There is no much to say but to thank Gender Links for the opportunity.

Thank you