Botswana: Keebonye Kwelo

Botswana: Keebonye Kwelo

Date: April 11, 2016
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Of all the lessons I got from Gender Links one that interested me most was how to use a computer, I am proud to say I am now computer literate. I am a 34 year old woman who is blessed with two beautiful children. I am grateful that I now know places I may go to get assistance on business start-up and places I may report abuse.

Since 2013 when I was introduced to Gender Links I attended all the workshops without failure. The lessons were all important to me, because of the seminar I decided to visit my area social worker whom I showed my business plan. She encouraged me to register for the Poverty Eradication scheme of which I did; I am now waiting for my response.

Gender Links has improved my self-confidence which motivated me not to fear getting in to offices to seek help. I no longer have a phobia for offices. I did not have any challenge during the seminar as the instructors were patient with us and explained everything clearly.

When I was introduced to Gender Links I did not have any business but I have now registered to get assistance from the Poverty Eradication scheme in my area. I have been registered among people who will be trained before the final selection of names will be done.

I was and still am abused by my mother, I honestly have no hope that it may stop anytime soon. I learned that when one has a stable source of income they are less likely prone to gender based abuse and that their lives are a lot simpler.

What I have learned from the seminars I now apply to the community and help those who need help by guiding them on the right places to report their abuse cases. I sometimes offer counselling to those whom I am able to assist. People have noticed a difference in my life as now if my mother chooses not to talk to me I talk to her regardless and if I have money I give her.

The business tactics I have acquired from Gender Links I use to try start my tailoring business; also ask for loans in different places. I realised that a business doesn’t matter if it male or female owned it is up to the individual to work hard to ensure its success. When my business is up and running I hope to be able to go back to school to finish where I left off and also advance in my studies.

Business is as easy as it is difficult, it is all determined by the work put on by the owner who needs to be patient, have passion for the business and remain fully committed always, avoid distractions too. My vision for 2030 is that I may be a successful entrepreneur with a tailor shop filled with employee. I will like to thank Gender Links for all their efforts trying to improve our lives as women who have it rough in life.