Ketty Perichon

Ketty Perichon

Date: March 31, 2016
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I have learnt a lot on entrepreneurship from Gender links. This training has provided me knowledge of how to develop my own business, how to keep financial records and how create an action plan. I also learned how to plan my work and how to keep records of every item which is very important. This was the main advantage for me. I started this training in 2014 and follow all three phases. Gender link has a huge part of what I am today. It has brought motivation, strength and innovation into my life. Everything in this training has been useful for me to perform my daily duty. I have not yet started my business, but I have it in mind and intend to do it very soon. I am in fact studying and taking courses in Child Care. As I planned to open a Kids club, after my studies I know that I will start my business with a solid foundation.

Before following the courses at Gender link, I used to work in a hotel. I was appointed as hostess in the Restaurant, and then became Hostess at the mini club and finally Supervisor at the same club. I worked everywhere, and was not afraid to take up any job. In 2012, I was fired by the Hotel Management.  In fact I was motivated to pursue the career I always wanted. I have worked with children and loved to be with them. I did not give up and continued to follow training in this domain. I wanted to expand my knowledge, so as afterwards I can even open a kindergarten rather than a kids club.

I am actually working as a directress of a kindergarten at Bel Ombre. In this training, I learnt that money is not only the important thing in life. The love and affection I received is much more than the happiness of having plenty of money. For instance, I am working as a directress but I am on probation. Thus, I do not receive the salary I should have. Yet I am more than happy. I feel that those children need me. The adoration and warmth I received from those children is much more than I received from my own children.

The council did not assist me at all. But I have the constant support of my mother and that count more than anything else to me. When I got married, my husband humiliated me and did not recognise my worth. I thought he was calm, silent and caring. But he cheated on me. He had affaires with my cousins and my best friends. He was not violent; never beat me but emotionally he broke me into pieces. I lost faith in love. It has been five years that we live separately but I still feel something for him because I got two sons with him. I even have a boyfriend but I cannot love him. I even forgot how to love. I need to learn how to love, and this sometimes makes me very sad. My family has always supported me. My brother and my mother have always been by my side, encouraging me to achieve more success in life. My only grief in life is my children. I want to give them unconditional love. But they never listen to me and I do not have any importance to them.

As far as the society is concerned, they still judge me. And it makes me sad because I cannot change their mindset. But I do not care. I have the will power and strength to achieve what I want from life. My dream is to have my own business. I want to open a kinds club and make my children proud of me. I want to set an example for all women in distress. And show to them that with hard work and determination, one can improve her situation and achieve success and fulfill her dreams.