Botswana: kewame Tumelo

Botswana: kewame Tumelo

Date: April 11, 2016
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When I met with Gender Links I learned about abuse and how to start-up a business that I wish to venture in to. I already have a florist business which after the programme I realised I was not running accordingly; thanks to Gender Links I now have an idea of how to do it proper.

I joined this organization two years ago and attended all the seminars they had in our area. What I liked about this was that they gave me the platform to advertise my products. All the seminars were important to me and I took them seriously, my challenge was not having the right business skills to run my floral shop but GL has changed that. I am now skilled in business management.

I have and still in the florist business, the training that I have acquired has helped me a great deal and I am now able to run my business with no assistance. The council has advised me to visit Gender Affairs so they assist me financially as I still have room to improve.

I was abused by my parent but I am now free from it. With the counselling I got from Gender Links and the business skills my parent no longer abuses me, I now make income and he sees me as a different person as I am now able to support not only myself and my children but my parent too.

People are interested in my life story because of my already blossoming business and often ask me how I did it. That is when I share what I learned at GL with them. I tell them my background and what I did to get that far. The knowledge I have gained from GL has assisted my business as now I am informed and run my business like a skilled person not just anyhow.

I learned about business and abuse intensively and share all my knowledge with anyone willing to lend an ear. I aim to have a large company in which I may be able to employ other women to empower them and also to have other floral shops in the neighbouring areas. I would like to thank Gender Links who have given me skills important in life which I would have never had without them. God bless them as they go on to help the nation at large.