Lalita Mohun

Lalita Mohun

Date: March 31, 2016
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I remember how extremely interesting the course was. When I started to realise that everyone present has faced some form of violence, yet it was a very joyful atmosphere to be in. Back home, I encouraged all my friends to come join GL because I knew how helpful this training could have helped them. Whenever in the area, someone has some trouble in their home or they are facing domestic violence, they come to me for advice. I try to help them as much as I can and I maintain contact, just to do a follow up later on. Whatever help or advice I provide them comes from the training itself.


I first met GL for the entrepreneurship programme in 2013. I followed all courses and drew the plan to open a shop in front of my home. I took this very business plan to the authorities and bank but I could not get permit due to the fact that I live in a NHDC apartment. Even though I was unsuccessful in getting my permit, I felt proud of myself that I could draw a business plan and take it to the bank for loan. It was a very nice feeling.


There has not been any change at personal level concerning my relationship with my husband. I still am in an abusive relationship dealing with violence now and again but I have grown used to it. Sometimes, even my husband sees that I do not react nor do anything. I believe that someday he will end up mending his ways. On a more positive note, I have learned about gender equality and human rights. I have learned how we should voice out and help others in distress. If I am still surviving this abusive relationship, it is solely because it is my personal choice, as I want to bring my husband to reason at all cost. I have learned that there is a way out of problems and people should just take the first step.


The biggest challenge I have faced and been facing so far is violence on behalf of my husband. I have known physical, mental and economical abuse in his company. He has always been violent and still he is. I just want to bring him to reason. I intend to do so slowly but surely and I believe I will succeed. On the business side, I want to open a shop and work for myself.