Lesotho: Mathabo Mahohle

Lesotho: Mathabo Mahohle

Date: May 19, 2016
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I started with the Gender Links entrepreneurship training in the year 2014 but was not able to attend all the  phases. And I was told by the training by a very good friend.

What I found to be more important about the entrepreneurship training was counseling and guidance that I got. I manged to deal with the issues of my past life and be able to look at the bright future I am seeing. Everything single thing we were taught in the training was helpful and equally important. I have learnt how to do a business plan and how I should manage my business and customers.

The main challenge  I had was to get the capital to start up my business, but I eventually got the money and I bought few things to sell by the business was going very slow/ not good and I decided to sell on credit because I know was buying. I have lost a lot of money by selling on credit. And I decided to stop selling the ready made products.

Before I joined the Gender Links entrepreneurship training, I  used to sell local brew and I have decided to also sell traditional attires for girls and women. And she I had stopped selling the ready made products I am now able to concentrate on my old business. With the skills I got from Gender Links, I am now making more money than before because I have improved on how how to provide service to my clients.

The only thing/way that my council has helped me with is to introduce to the Gender Links training. I have experienced gender based violence from my husband in the past and all that has changed after attending the workshop because I am now more independent and I know my rights.

There is a linkage between gender based violence and economic empowerment, men always abuse the power when they know we depend on them, that the reason that women must become economically independent and the old generation should teach the young women. I am thankful to Gender Links for uplifting me.

My community members are noticing and asking me about the positive change in my life,  I no longer go around asking for hand-outs from people, and crying and complaining about things not going too well in my life but doing something for myself.

In the year 2030 I see myself having a big business and  for doing good for my community by giving back to the basotho nation.