Lesotho:Mookho Taleng

Date: November 27, 2020
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Mookho Taleng trained by gender links several times in order to succeed for a long time in the business. She was able to expand her business by adding new products and services as well as selling more products and services to her existing customers. Apart from selling beers as her first product, she is now selling fast foods such as fat cakes and chicken feeds, she is also selling BB for her customers that would like to smoke. Providing what are needed by her clients is another way of marketing and attracting more customers to her business. She was even able to open savings account for the business.

However, there are still challenges that are not yet overcome such as not reaching her target amount of money that will help her to build a shack for the business as she is still using her house and this continually disturbs her children. She noticed that there is success in the business but corona virus lockdown impacts her business badly, therefore she used all the money. However, she said that she is working very hard to rebuild it, she added that she is teaching many people on how to make beer using beetroot and that money will assist her to grow the business once more.

Taleng was initially not using any kind of technology and not even having an idea of it but she started to have a little knowledge on it after the training but she did not have computer not even a phone. When it comes to marketing, almost everyone in the village know her as well as the business and they were directing people to go and buy fast food and beers. Gender links bought her a smart phone and she is able to use internet for google, marketing via SMS and WhatsApp.