Botswana: Lethogile Jacobs

Botswana: Lethogile Jacobs

Date: April 12, 2016
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I was introduced to Gender Links in 2013 where I attended all the three programmes they had in my area. Although all the lessons were all important those most relevant were the ones on how to formulate a cash flow and how one can avoid overspending when purchasing stock. I attended all the three training programs, I had difficulties in understanding English and fortunately the instructors sympathised and explained some of the concepts in Setswana.

I do not have a business yet nor do I work, at the moment I have approached social workers for assistance. They have put my name up for people to go for further training on business management. The council has not yet assisted me with anything but I am waiting for their response as I am hopeful.

I experienced abused in my household but it a thing of the past now as I live a better life now. This was because I got much needed counselling from GL which helped me deal with all my emotions, this enabled me to live with no conflicts. I started going to church and constantly in contact with the social worker in my area.

People in the community view me as a useful person, I have already told them about GL and how they offered me programmes in different fields. The lessons I received were on business which aid me to ask for loans to start up my business from the council which is still to be approved.

By the year 2030 I hope to have advanced my studies and not to hesitate to ask for help where I need it. Business needs patience and I will be patient and hope one day I will have my own business. I hope to be a small livestock farmer, I will rear my goats in Komaneng an area on the outskirts of Maun