Date: April 6, 2016
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In 2009 I started a relationship and was very happy. In 2010 I lost a lot of weight. I went to the clinic and they drew blood. After a month they told me I have HIV/AIDS. Just like that. I couldn’t handle it. I drank tablets. But then I discovered alcohol takes away the hurt.

In 2011 I drank poison because he knew (my boyfriend) he gave me the disease yet now he blames me for him being sick yet when I met him he was sick already. I walked out of the relationship but returned because I felt he owed me something. I tried to get along on my own. In June 2014 I met Juliana so that I could share my story. But I didn’t have the courage to tell my story.

With Juliana’s second phase I also attended because the stories I heard were very inspiring. I thought it was the end of my life but thanks to Gender Links (GL) I know so much now. The workshops took my mind off the hurt.

Before the workshops I drank a lot but I don’t drink anymore. Thanks to Gender Links I live again sad have a lot to do in the community and for myself. I overcame the self-regret that I had.

He knew that he was HIV positive but didn’t tell me that he was sick. We were together for a year when I found that I am becoming sick and have the virus. I thought my life ended because it is a deadly disease.

I told my boyfriend about what I learned at Gender Links and we took it from there. Today we are living healthy, he takes his medication and our relationship is good.

In 2030 I would like to run my own business. I learned so much that I have to go and sit down and decide. Previously I had my own business but it failed. Gender Links gave me hope again. Now I am much stronger and believe in myself, something I didn’t do previously. I can reach out to other people and share my own experiences.

I can now open up towards my family. We can now talk about my boyfriend. My sister in the past never wanted to talk about it and neither did I but now that our lives have changed and we can talk about what happened.

I learned that one must talk and that it is good to talk. You feel much better once you have talked.

Last night I told him what I learned yesterday and he listened. I told him that with his help and Gender Links’s help I can do a lot. I told him next year June (2016) I want to own my own business because I am stronger than what I was. I am grateful to God because He placed people in my life like Juliana.

I have not worked out a plan yet but with the help of the Lord I will get there. Before I encountered GL I drank a lot and now I am doing business although it is not how I would like it to be.

When I changed my life a lot of family and friends came to learn from me and they would like to know when then can join too.