Date: April 8, 2016
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The training from gender Links has helped me a lot because I was having a lot of problems but I am now relieved of a lot of the stress. Being in the company of other women made me realise that my problems are not so bad and that other women are also experiencing a lot of challenges in their own lives. I have learned to be independent and to avoid expecting handouts from other people.

I attended the training from November 2014 with the Gender Links Coordinator at the Phalaborwa Municipality. I felt healed after writing about the experiences that I was facing in my life.  I used to work but the money was not enough. It is now better because I design clothes, sell atchaar, sweets, and ice pops. I thank Gender Links for the training because now am independent. I do not have to ask anyone for money anymore.

I used to fight with my husband but now things are better.  The counseling has helped me a lot and meeting with other women has also aided me to overcome my problems. Now my life is better.

My life has changed because of learning to be independent and avoid being dependent to others.  I also learned to avoid sitting around and doing nothing but gossiping about people. Since this training there has been a change in my life.  I have learned to bank my money at the post office for my business to grow and have good relationship with my customers. By the year 2030 I want to see my business growing and buy my own car. I am happy because my children have achieved at school.