Date: April 8, 2016
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When I started attending this training I didn’t know anything about business. I have learned a lot from these workshops. I can now save money at the bank and provide for my family. I have learned that if you have a problem you must share it with others because you are not the only one experiencing challenges in life. I have also learned that you will feel good after sharing your problems with other people. I have learned to start my own business and avoid depending on other people. I have learned a lot of things from these trainings and that information is helping me now. I know what cash flow is and other aspects of opening my own business.  I am happy because Gender links has come and helped us. I have learned that as a woman you must not sit and do nothing. Now I am a hairdresser. Thank you Gender Links keep doing the good work and teach others. Now I am independent and I teach others to be independent.

I started with the workshops on the 25th of November 2014 and have attended all the training.  Before the training I was just sitting at home doing nothing so this training has changed my life. Now I do hairdressing and I also do other things part time. I am now able to bank my money because I understand banking better.

I also know now that f you or your family is experiencing Domestic Violence and the matter is in court go and prove to the judge that you were assaulted by your partner/spouse. Get help and start a new life by forgiving and letting go as part of healing.  I have learned that intimate partner violence is violence by spouse or partner in an intimate relationship.

I realised that you inhabit a small corner of the universe and can change others. We should ask your community about things that they need and spend time, energy and resources on solving the problems that they are experiencing in their community.  The real skills needed for working mental health and addiction. Organizational culture leaders can use their influence to affect change.

I have learned how to start a business, and about gender and sex. My future plan is simple; I want my family to keep fit and will do my best to make them live survive.  In 2030 I want to have my own company, be a rich woman, and have my own car and house.  I want to develop my community by employing them.

Thank you for everything that I have learned.