Date: March 22, 2016
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The day I met with GL we came across our trainers and left the place having learnt about the objective of the training. We had written down the problems that we encountered as women.

I joined the GL trainings in 2014, and was able to attend all sessions. I got emotional counselling and the knowledge of what I have to do as a woman who has responsibilities in the family. All aspects of the training were important as I even learnt about managing a business. I was really challenged when I heard one man saying that he did not want anything to do with GL, saying we were taught how to look down upon our husbands. I tried to explain to him the objectives of GL that it teaches women the way of life with their families.

I was doing nothing. I was just a woman who stayed at home without a glue of what to do. I made a decision and met with the Ministry of Agriculture, and started producing of fruit trees. I’m in the third year in the same business. This came as a great help to me as I did not know what to do. Now I know what to do when I have money. To make more money by knowing that there is a lot to gain from agriculture. My council never helped me with anything. I was helped by GL through its trainings whereupon I also started selling sweets and apples.

I suffered abuse from my husband through insults and threats of killing me for no apparent reason. Since I now know what to do to cater for my family and my children the element of abuse has gone down. There is a change that has been brought about by GL trainings by giving me the light of what I have to do to live, me and my family. Prior to the trainings I had no foresightedness. Now I have a way of approach on all that I do. I have become a great asset to others. I help a lot of women in my village and encourage them to do something with their hands.

That I am now able to achieve things that I previously thought I would never achieve in life. I know how to apply my thoughts to make a living. I have turned into being a great help to others. I encourage a lot of women in my village to do something with their hands.

I learnt about business and how it could enhance the family economy, and that women have a stake in the development of the country by having their own decisions. This by starting businesses and help those who need some help, and to give others jobs as the business progresses. I plan to be a big businesswoman who would be able to assist others where I live, so that they too, could find means of making a living. In 2030 I would like to be one of the people who assist in the stabilisation of the country’s economy. I wish to thank all who were involved in these trainings for their patience, care, selflessness and courage to see us through.