South Africa: Makoena Khoeli

South Africa: Makoena Khoeli

Date: April 8, 2016
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My name is Makoena and I started attending training by Gender Links in August 2014.  From this time my life has changed. When I heard and learned about gender issues that happen every day in our lives, I realised that sometimes I am not the only one who goes through problems in my life. I have had the chance to learn the difference between gender and sex. I can even tell all the different types of abuse, who knew there is economic abuse, well today I know about it.

What I love the most is that I know I can become whatever/whoever I want to become and at this point being young and a clever woman nothing can stand in my way. The only thing I would really like is to see many young women getting all the information and knowledge I have today. If that could happen there won’t be any domestic violence or murders caused by partners or husbands.

The most important part of the programme was the I stories workshop. This is where we spoke and let the anger, issues and pain out that we have kept inside for many years in our lives and that has made a huge impact in my own life.

My main aim is to further my studies in psychology and help all the people in need of someone to speak to and I would also like to become a motivational speaker. Many thanks to Gender Links, I am who and what I am today because of their intervention in my live and I would do anything to help the next person as well.

I have learnt a lot. By the year 2030 I would like to see myself owning a rehabilitation center to help all the drug addicts, to help then to find hope in their lives. I would also like to have a huge and successful skills development center to help all those people in need to better their lives.

Growing I did not experience any abuse from my partner or parents. In my community I have two support groups where we speak about gender issues and both groups are going very well. I have learnt not to be stereotype people and that is how my actions have changed due to me to know and willingness to change my attitude.