South Africa: Maluleke Johannah

South Africa: Maluleke Johannah

Date: April 8, 2016
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Before I came to the Gender Links training I did not have the knowledge and skills of running my business.  After the training I became a better person with a good relationship with my customers. The most memorable experience as part of the training was writing the I story. I then realised that I am not the only one facing challenges in my life.

I attended the first workshop in November 2014, during first week of 16 days of activism campaign. I attended all of the workshops. My favorite part was drawing up the business plan. My challenge was a lack of knowledge regarding the work that am doing. The Gender Links workshop help me came through the difficult situation.

Gender links training has helped me a lot now I am an independent woman with full responsibility. I have managed to start a small business designing and selling school uniforms. The municipality of Phalaborwa helped me by giving me information about these workshops with Gender Links. I am now planning to go to the bank and apply for a loan.

Before the training I was abused by my partner but now he has stopped the abuse. The reason I changed is because of Gender Links. I was able to speak with my partner and now we are happy. The change has been meeting as women in the group and starting our own small business. People whom are close to me are happy, we advise each other about life.

I have been trying to help women by empowering and teaching them to start their own business. I learnt to be a businesswoman, to go and register my business. I want to have my own place where I can work and hire women who are unemployed. My dream is to have a beautiful big house and my own car. Thank you gender links for coming to Phalaborwa, I will be happy if the training continues to help us.