Date: March 22, 2016
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When I met GL for the first time I wrote the story about my life; a very unpleasant life, but which I have since left behind as a result of the trainings received from GL. It has taken us out of an abyss of trouble.

I started trainings with GL in 2013, and I attended all sessions of the training. I found a lot of things to be very important. I am now able to advertise my business; I am able to bank my money; I am able to plan my business and to unite and form associations. All these are important to me as I am now able to manage a big business.

There are quite a number of challenges I have come across, like losing stock due to spoilage.

Before joining the trainings I was selling apples and bananas, which is what I am still doing now. My business is now so big as I know what I am doing. These trainings have been instrumental in the position that I am in now. I used to sell good and could not take care of my financials; but now I am even able to pay myself. Our council is assisting us tremendously by training us on the drawing of our constitution. It also encourages us to involve in business very much. GL has also assisted me a lot. I know how to run a business, how to make profit and how to replenish my stock.

I suffered abuse from my husband, but as of now that abuse is no more.

The change in me is such that I am now able to record and follow up on my business, and this change has been instrumental in the different way of life that I live compared to my neighbours. There is indeed coordination and a relationship between economic development and abuse. The change in my life influences a change in other people’s lives, as I also counsel them when they have been abused.

My people do notice a considerable change in me when they compare with the way I was before meeting with GL. I am able to advertise my business, sell and bank my money; and my intention is for my business to grow and be popular.

I have generally learned about business planning, confidence in doing business, strength and enthusiasm. I will use internet technology and radio networks to advertise my business, so that in the future I would like to see mu business flourishing. In 2030 I aspire a very huge business and being able to manufacture my own stock to sell. I wish to thank GL for training me on how to manage my business in the right manner.