Marie Claude Francois

Marie Claude Francois

Date: March 31, 2016
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I enrolled for this training in 2013 mainly because I wanted to meet people. I gained a lot of skills and knowledge from this training. However I did not apply whatever I learned in business. I applied the knowledge learned in education. I work in an NGO that teaches and supports school dropouts. I learned that women could be self sufficient and independent. We do not need any men to survive contrary to popular beliefs.

Given that I work actively in a civic organization, those words of wisdom were very helpful. I went ahead and shared the same with the other members of the organization. I work with mostly grass root level people and I feel that I needed just those words to bring positivity to their lives. Prior to this training, I was a shy person, I used not to talk much. There were several reasons for that one of them being that I am not that educated. This training helped me have faith in myself. It helped me to feel self-confident. I learned how to talk in public. Now I can mingle with all levels of people, talk, discuss, have a debate and make my stand among an audience.

When I got separated from my partner, I had to stand up on my own for my daughter. I had to work and fend for my daughter. I learned it the hard way but it’s worth it. When I apply whatever I have learned in my life, my daughter who is at the receiving end is very supportive. I can see she has evolved to a more responsible person now

I have learned that it takes just one step to move towards help. After that everything happens automatically. I keep sharing this knowledge and motivate others to come out of their shells; specially the youth. I feel like I have a moral obligation towards the youth of my country and I want to feed the knowledge to them. My priority is kids who face difficulties in their daily life. I want to further work with them and help them shape their future.