Date: March 22, 2016
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When I first came across Gender Links it was explained to me the objective of the training, and what Gender Links is and what it represents. We were trained on abuse and self-confidence, and how we can save ourselves against abuse. This was in 2014. I was able to go to all the three trainings.

I found this training to be very important as it taught me about my self-worth and to detest abuse. It taught me love; to love myself and be confident in any situation. I also learnt about finance management. I found everything to be important as previously my life was aimless, and I did not know where to get help from.

I had quite a number of challenges as I was shy to talk about who I really was; but after gaining some knowledge from Gender Links I was self-trusting and confident in myself.

I was doing nothing. I was just somebody whose future seemed very gloomy. I was surviving from hand-outs. Now I am doing something for myself. I have a small business where I sell hair pieces and earrings. I also grow vegetables. They helped me to be where I am today. I am able to think positively when I meet challenges of oblivion, without depending on my husband or extended family. My council has helped me a great deal. They advised me not to lose hope. I was assisted by my parents and my husband. He is one person who wants to see me succeed in life. He asks me on a regular basis as to how the trainings are progressing so that I should not lag behind.

My husband has never abused me. I suffered abuse from people in our village from as early as the age of five. I was told how ugly I was, how full of myself I was, and people spat at me for no apparent reason. The young and the old alike. Some even went to the extent of beating me up. I was involved in a fight every day from school for no reasons at all.

It doesn’t happen much now as I report it to the chief. I also stand my ground and don’t allow myself to be abused or oppressed.

The change in my life has been brought about by Gender Links through its trainings. (i) I was taught to be self-confident; (ii) to stand on my own: (iii) to start a small business for my survival; and I get the much needed support from my home and my family. My life is different now as I have learnt to fight abuse in all its forms. Women are also able to make their own small businesses which improve on the economy and minimisation of abuse.

My life is an inspiration to others now. They see how I live and how my life has changed, and they want to be like me, change their lives for the better and become brave people who are confident and respected. They see a change in me. I could not talk to people in a polite manner. I feared them; but now I speak with everybody because I am confident in myself.

I have learnt to be responsible, confident, and am able to do things myself. I am able to manage my finances and to run my business. I will use everything wisely so as to attain what is worth. My aim is to progress further and become a living example to people who have suffered in the same way that I did.

I have learnt to be responsible, confident and to work hard for myself and also to manage my finances and business wisely. I will use them profitably as I have acquired a lot of good out of them. In 2030 I’d like to see myself as a businesswoman to reckon with in Lesotho. I thank Gender Links for the training they have afforded me which has changed my life and that of my family. Had it not been because of these trainings, my family would still be in the dark.