Mauritius: Beau Bassin Municipal Council – Claudia Marengo

Date: August 18, 2018
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2017: At the start, Claudia started her business as a caterer at a very small scale. When she followed the entrepreneurship training with mentor, Mantee in the region of Cite Bakly, she was very interested to improve her business.

 In 2018, Claudia got the idea of starting her micro-enterprise when she noted that there was a high demand of catering in her region. She started making snacks and was selling it to women in the region who she would meet during training classes that she attends in her locality. With time, the growing demand of people for snacks turned into catering for over 50 people. Claudia’s husband started to help her in her business. She had to buy additional cooking utensils and re-organise her working schedule to prepare for the demands of her clients. Soon enough, she developed a very friendly approach to her clients and provided quality food which gave her even more clients.

 Claudia’s business is now well established and she goes on to add up items to satisfy her clients. She has her own business cards and does catering for birthday parties, wedding and other events. Claudia’s family is also supporting her in her business, especially her husband who has join forced with her.

Claudia’s business is growing and expanding due to the knowledge that she gained during the training session with Gender Links. She has got better knowledge on how to manage her funds in business.