Mauritius: *Jessy

Mauritius: *Jessy

Date: May 16, 2016
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‘Partially achieved but still hoping for the best’

I have loved the training I had with Gender Links (GL) and I am grateful to the facilitator and staff for I have learn a lot from the training. My business plan was based on opening a cold storage where I would sell meat, fish and frozen foods. After the training, I went to seek for quotation to rent a building nearby because my house is under construction and there was no place where I could set the cold storage. However, I was very disappointed after the search for a building because the rent was very high and I could not afford paying it as I do not work. Getting a loan was even more difficult for I do not meet the requirements because I am unemployed. I wish to set up this business because in the locality where I live, there are no cold storage’s and people need to take the bus to another village to find frozen foods. I thought the business would  worked very well if I could afford renting a place.

I have already started to buy items for the business including a big refrigerator to store the items. I have the support of my family and husband for this project but I have got no financial assistance  to start the business.

For the time being, I am selling ready made clothes which enables me to get some money that I am putting in Peggy bank account so that I could invest in my business. Cost of living is really high and with my recent delivery and I have a baby that I need to think for. My number one priority is taking care of my baby and then the business follows.  Although I have to work twice as hard so that I will be able to take care of the baby and it is expensive.

I don’t want to stop here. I am constantly looking for a cheaper rental building and I plan to set my business next year. Though I have not been fully able to implement a business, I have learnt a real lot from Gender Links entrepreneurship training. I remember that when the training began I was pregnant at that time and I did not miss any of the course.  I came to know about the Gender links entrepreneurship training through a friend of mine, I was very pleased. I am a stronger and independent person now. I might not be financially independent but I am no longer reserve and timid as I used to be. I have taken all the essential elements of the course and put it in practise so as to love a better and happy life. I believe that I will achieve in life and I have come to accept that good things in life come to those who have patience and is ready to be a hard worker. So, I will not stop here. I will find funds to pay for the rent and have my cold storage one day for sure.