Mauritius: *Joana Marry

Mauritius: *Joana Marry

Date: May 16, 2016
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I joined the entrepreneurship training in 2014. I attended all three phases. Everything taught in this training was influential and of great use to me. It has helped to make my life better. I learnt how to start a business. Most importantly, I learnt how to keep financial records. The main challenge I faced during the training is that I did not know how to write. I was having difficulties to write in English. But with the support of Gender Links, I have now overcome this problem very easily. I can now write and read properly. I am now able to balance my life, my business and even my job.

Prior to the training at Gender Links, I worked in sugarcane fields. Now, I have opened my own business. I sell ‘Roti’ on a part time basis. And I continued my job in the sugarcane fields. I sometimes plant some vegetables. The training at Gender Links has connected me to new sources of finance. Earlier, I was receiving income only for working in the fields. But now I sell ‘Roti’ during weekends. This has opened up new ways of getting money. I wanted to do my business on full time basis but I am having problems to get my business permit. The administrative procedures are taking time. But, I will not give up. I will make sure that I receive my permit as soon as possible so that I can operate my business on a daily basis. The council did not assist me.

I am married and I have three children. I am separated from my husband because he is a drug addict. He usually goes to jail and come back after two to three month. He now stays at his mother’s place. My husband was violent. He abused on me, both physically and verbally. He always insulted me and made me feel bad about myself. He belittled and humiliated me in front of other people. He does not even care about his children. The training by Gender Links has given me choice that have helped me to reduce violence in my life. Today, I am aware about my rights and value as a woman. No one has the right to ill-treat me, insult or humiliates me. I have a boyfriend and I am happy with him.

The training I received form Gender Links has somehow helped me to be where I am. I usually met women facing violence. I then relate to them what I learnt in the training. They feel motivated to better their life. This makes me happy as I contributed to improve their life. I feel satisfy with myself. I am independent and I can rely on myself to get things done. I can take care of my children and pay for their studies. I get along with all kind of people and I can communicate well with them. My dream is to open a restaurant and work for myself.