Mauritius: Patricia Douce

Mauritius: Patricia Douce

Date: May 13, 2016
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A woman with a great vision

I loved everything in this training. Everyone was so kind. It was a real opportunity for me. I always wanted to have my own business. This training has encouraged me to pursue my dream. I got some strength to move. I always had some “shame” in me. I do not know why! After this training this has disappeared. I have started my training in 2013. I was able to attend all three phases. The problems I faced made me stronger. I, now, believe more in myself. Now, I am more independent. I am able to do many things, which I thought was impossible. I faced no difficulties to attend this training. In fact, I was provided with transport. It was very easy!

Before starting this training, I was a housewife. Sometimes, I sew some clothes. I am still not working. I am at home doing household chores. I was involved in a small business. I used to sell some snacks and cold drinks. The business was working properly. Unfortunately, many people started taking credit. It was very difficult to meet the expenses! I made losses. People who took things on credit did not pay back. Regrettably, I had to close my business. I am very sad of this situation. However, this training provided me with courage. I know that one day I will succeed in my life. I am very motivated. I was a victim of violence. My husband used to beat me.

Now, this has changed. When I started this training, I realised that my life needs to change. One day, when returning home, I discussed this with him. I told him that I need a change in my life. I made my mind that; if he does not change I will leave him. It was then, that I noticed a positive change in my life. My husband and I started having more communication at home. We were happier. He even started doing household chores! My children are very glad. My house is more harmonious than before. Our family has become more united. I believe that when a women works, she is more independent. This reduces her risks of facing domestic violence. This training has also helped me develop new knowledge. I started making new snacks. I baked small pastry cakes and small pizza to sell. The lesson I learnt at Gender Links has helped me become stronger. I can now stand on my own feet. I will fight for my house and my children. In the future, I will like to open a new business. I want to sell popcorn at Shoprite. I want this business to be successful. My dream is also to have a big restaurant where I can sell seafood. Unfortunately, I do not know where I should go to get the popcorn maker. It is also very expensive.